About The Company

Coanda Consulting is an IT Company, specialising in Cloud and Microsoft Technologies.

Coanda Consulting is named after the ‘Coanda Effect’, which is the phenomenon that generates lift on an aircraft wing. This is named after Henri Coandă, who first became well-known when his jet aircraft caught fire, at the Paris Airshow in 1910 (yes, that’s right. 1910).

Coanda Consulting was formed in 2004, and operated as a Contracting Business. Contracts included several well-known clients including, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, RBS, Scottish Media Group, Scottish Widows, Microsoft, HP and Lloyds Banking Group.

Always focused on Microsoft Technologies, especially SharePoint, as the technologies have shifted from On-Premises to Cloud, Coanda Consulting has also changed its focus, and is now heavily focused on Microsoft Cloud Technologies, including Azure and Microsoft 365.

Coanda Consulting has been a Microsoft Partner since 2005, and is a Cloud Solution Provider.